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Corporate Events 


Colorful Records
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Motown Mondays

Motown Monday's: strictly spinning music for 3 hours, the 50s-90s from Hitsville, USA,

the popular, unheard, rare, and bio of the Motown sounds and artists...

Every Monday at 4pm 

Colorful Records
Trumpet Player
Easy Listening Wednesday 

Easy Listening Wednesday: diggin' deep in the crates from doo-wop, rock & roll, soul, pop & today's music, and sometimes new music release...

Every Wednesday at 4pm 

Colorful Records
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Jack Your Body Dance Party Friday 

Jack Your Body: It's Friday, get ready to move & groove to start off your weekend uptempo music with disco, dance, club or house music classics...

Every Friday at 4pm

Feedback and Requests for 

We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or request music.  Music requests will be fulfilled within the following week (7 days) after request . 


Keeping You Entertained and Dancing 

Our number one priority is to make sure that the crowd stays on their feet and on the dancefloor. If they are not on the dancefloor then we are not doing our job. We are unlike other DJs,  we gauge the crowd and play what they want to hear..

Catch DJB on the air @ from 4 pm-7 pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

Cloud Mixes

What Our Clients Say

He plays some of the best MUSIC ever!!!

Ella Waller

I think I will be listening to some I've missed as well as a couple of new shows, therefore I will be on your page all day enjoying my day out of school.

Cato William

He interacts with his people., he plays your requests., and he has a THEME on the days he plays on the radio. He's a man of God and good DJ.

Paula Ray